Actors in the 2016 with HIV / AIDS


The Virus of human immunodeficiency (HIV)

Is a virus that affects the system of the body‘s defenses. Once weakened by HIV, it allows the emergence of diseases. This more advanced stage of the HIV infection is the onecalled AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).

Magic Johnson



The player of basketball Earvin “Magic” Johnson, all a legend of the NBA, acknowledged in November of 1991 that had the HIV but that not had developed the disease.

Johnson retired from basketball and decided to devote his life to the fight against this disease, as part of the National Committee on United States on AIDS, writing books and taking every opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of prevention, protection and detection.

After recognizing that he was carrying, AIDS screening tests soared in the United States, with an increase in the first weeks of up to 60 percent.

He player returned briefly to the courts, in the preseason of 1992-93, but decided towithdraw is definitely without get to participate in Parties official.

Charlie Sheen

HIVThe actor admitted on 17 November of 2015 which is carrier of HIV. The advertisement of Charlie Sheen of that is carrier of the virus of the AIDS is une to the of many famous that to the recognize publicly the disease contributed to finish with the taboo that it surrounded. Ago already 30 years, Rock Hudson is developed in the first symbol of fight against this evil.

It was 1985 and the syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency (AIDS) was beginningto be a problem of global reach for their high rate of infection and mortality, due toa lack of effective drugs, but due to its uncertain origin silence was imposed to talk about the disease.


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